Master Plumbing and Electrical - Dumped on by Master Plumbing in San Diego

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Be 100% certain that you get a written quote from Master Plumbing because they will come into your home and suggest that you should have a job done other than what you originally talked about.Then they will charge you an exorbitant fee for doing the their new "improved" suggestion.

Dont' get ripped off! Beware!!!! Be sure to get it in writing and have them only do that work at the price you agreed to. Buyer beware!

You don't want to pay double or more for the work you wanted like I was suckered into!Protect yourself and beware!

Master Plumbing and Electrical - Master plumbing and electrical

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a breaker went bad and we were concerned that it could start a fire.we made the mistake of using this company.he charged us $390.00.the next day we found out we could have had it replaced for a $100.00. since then he has threatened to put a lean on our house.they hassle me ever month when i am send money to pay husband could have changed it himself but, is not able to due to heath problems.i just would like for the word to be out there how this guy preys on people.



You need to pay your bill.You and the service provider agreed on the work and price.

Just because you found it cheaper the next day has nothing to do with the bill.You should have shopped around before agreeing to the job.

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